Play DOS Games Online

2016-01-30 21_32_01-The Elder Scrolls II_ Daggerfall (firefox best results) _ Play DOS games online

Play DOS Games Online – Over 2800 Games

So, I’m breaking format today. Because, oh nostalgia.  And with the resurgence in popularity of retro games, having a place you can go to play ACTUAL old games is kind of fantastic. And it’s 100% free – you don’t even have to create an account with them unless you want to.

Let me show you my nostalgia. Yours may be completely different, but with over 2,800 games to choose from, chances are you’ll find something to bring a smile to your face.

Are you still here? WHY?

Ok, seriously, since you are still here, I’ll let you in on a couple of not-so-awesome things.  First, you cannot save your games. Close your browser, and it’s gone.  Secondly, there’s so wonky stuff going on if you switch between windowed and fullscreen – try to choose which you prefer before the game starts and leave it that way. Lastly, not all the games work quite as well as you’d hope – even just messing around, I ran into a couple of fatal errors that required me to reload the page.

Many of the games, to me at least, seem to be mis-categorized, but exploring is half the fun, so I don’t even count that against them.  They are also starting to add games from Win 3.1 and earlier, so their catalog should be growing soon.


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