Monster Loves You!


Monster Loves You!

MSRP: $9.99 / $0.99 on mobile platforms

Platforms: Win, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android

Release: 3/8/13

Monster Loves You! is a text adventure with rather adorable (if mostly static) graphics with some replayability, but only if you make the effort to create a different type of monster.  You make all the decisions for your monster through four life stages – two which focus on building your personality, two of which have you use the personality you’ve build to influence the world around you.


The game play consists of choosing an “adventure” icon out of a group of icons, then reading through the text and making decisions. You do that for a set amount of days, and then you proceed to the next life stage. That’s it. And that’s where my biggest gripe with Monster Loves You! comes in.


This is not a $10 game.  Even if you take your time and really consider your decisions, a single game MIGHT take you 30 minutes.  It’s amusing, but when you put it next to other indie games of a similar price point (consider FTL or Long Live the Queen), you’re just not getting what you paid for.

I’d recommend Monster Loves You! without reservation at the mobile price point – there’s nothing in the game that would translate poorly on a mobile device – but if you really want it for PC, Mac, or Linux, wait for a sale.



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