Criminal Case

2016-01-24 20_35_23-Criminal Case on Facebook

Criminal Case

MSRP: Free, with in game purchases available.

Platforms: iOS, Android, Facebook

Release: 11/17/12


Criminal Case is a hidden object game, created and optimized for Facebook. Despite that, it’s really not a bad free game. The screenshots in this post are from the Facebook version, however, I play almost exclusively on my tablet.  I do have my tablet version connected to my Facebook account for the perks that provides.

In Criminal Case, you play a police officer tasked with solving a series of crimes.  After the introductory case, each case (at least as far as I have played) have 6 different hidden object scenes, with three scenes getting an additional game mode. These unlock as you investigate the case and obtain different suspects and information.

2016-01-24 20_36_44-Criminal Case on Facebook

You can get up to five stars in each scene.  Stars are given at set score points.  Points are gained from time remaining, hints remaining, and a bonus meter that measures how quickly you go from object to object.  Searching scenes costs 20 energy – you are given a base of 110 energy at a time (to my constant chagrin – they couldn’t have made it even???). Energy refills over time, or you can use consumable items to gain more energy.

2016-01-24 20_37_16-Criminal Case on Facebook

You are given some consumables as daily login rewards, and some for reaching certain points in a given case. However, energy-refilling consumables are also one of the “in game purchases” that are available.

When you explore scenes, you may find clues that need to be analyzed.  This is another place where in game purchases are available – to speed analysis time. Although I do occasionally use the consumables I’ve been given, I have never spent money to speed up analysis; with limited energy and the hint system, it has never seemed worth it to me.

The hint system is the main reason I have the app linked to Facebook.  If you have friends who also play the game, and they have achieved the maximum consecutive log-in bonus of five days, they will be worth five hints.  This is valuable, not because you’ll often need to use the hints, but five unused hints give you a 100,000 bonus to your score. If you’re playing on a mobile device, you also have a few NPCs you can take on searches with you that will give a set number of hints.  If you play on Facebook, you only have your friends and the base NPC, Jones, who is only worth 1 hint.

There is in game currency that can be used to change up your avatar, or buy bonuses you use for a single scene search.  I tend to ignore these until I’m score chasing at the very end (you will get the most points out of a four star or greater scene, as that allows you to find the max number of objects) – you cannot possibly earn enough gold in game to use these bonuses regularly.  I’ve never looked, but I’m guessing you can buy gold for real money as well.

If you can avoid the in game purchase trap, this isn’t a bad way to kill 20-30 minutes a day.

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