MSRP: $3.99 (Win/Mac), $0.99 – $1.99 (mobile with in game purchases)

Platforms: Win, Mac, iOS, Android/Amazon

Release: 10/10/13 (iOS), 1/23/14 (Win/Mac), 4/11/14 (Android)

Kami is both really satisfying and extremely frustrating.  The PC version comes with no tutorial of any kind, so it might not be clear at first what you need to do.


The number at the top right (A6) is the designation for the puzzle.  Underneath that, it shows how many moves you’ve made (0) and how many you need to complete the puzzle in to get a perfect score (3).  The bottom number will change if you need more than the gold number of moves to complete the puzzle, giving you the chance to get an OK score.  If you exceed that number, you’ve failed the puzzle. The lightbulb will give you a hint, the arrow will reset the puzzle, and the home button brings you back to puzzle select.

But what’s the point? The goal is to change all the paper to the same color – as far as I’ve played, which color only seems to matter in that it’s only possible to get the perfect score with a single color.  You select your play color at the bottom of the screen – notice that the teal has a folded over corner? That means whatever patch of color you click on will become teal.

First, turn the small black part to teal.  Then turn the large black part to teal.  After that, you switch to red, click anywhere on the teal, and your whole field will be red.

Yes, I’ve totally just spoiled puzzle A6 for you.

I personally wouldn’t purchase this on iOS or Android as you have to pay additional money for hints (although there is a package of unlimited hints for a one-time fee), as well as having to pay additional for puzzle packs, which are included in the PC/Mac version.  For four dollars, you get 45 classic puzzles as well as 27 premium puzzles. Most of the early classics are very simple, but they get harder quickly.

Not a bad choice for puzzle buffs, and when the paper changes color? It’s super pretty.


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