Eador: Genesis

2016-01-20 16_20_27-Eador. Genesis.png

Eador: Genesis on Steam

MSRP: $5.99

Platform: Win

Release: 8/7/09

Note: This is barely a first look – I don’t even think I’ve reached the end of the tutorial section.  However, even this short amount of play has confirmed to me that Eador: Genesis is very likely to get many many hours of playtime.

This game flew way under my radar, perhaps in part because it wasn’t available in English for the first several years after its release.  And it has a decidedly old-school look about it that may turn some gamers off.

However, I grew up playing the early iterations of Heroes of Might & Magic, so a turn based strategy game with a swords and sorcery setting really appeals.  There are definitely RPG elements as well, as you seem to have pretty full control of what kind of hero you play. I did choose the only clearly female icon when setting up my profile, but the game still shows me as dark-haired Fabio type.  Not sure if this is a glitch or related to class selection, but it irks just a smidgen.

2016-01-20 16_27_45-Eador. Genesis.png

An early dialog gives you the option of being a warrior, scout, commander, or wizard. Having chosen a warrior, I still had access to spells. The campaign tutorial is robust – showing you step by step how to move, how to purchase equipment, and how to recruit soldiers, as well as giving you a few simple combats to cut your teeth on.

There are setting options for both “auto level” which will choose your level up perk for you, and auto-combat, if you want to play solely for the RP & city building aspects of the game without worrying about micromanaging the encounters.

This game runs smoothly on my Win 8 laptop with moderate graphics capabilities.  Some reviews of the game state that it may glitch a bit if your system is too good.  There is also a rather expansive mod available here, but I usually prefer to spend quite a bit of time with the unmodded experience first, so I have yet to try it out.

2016-01-20 16_43_46-Eador. Genesis

If this type of game appeals (TBS with RPG & city building aspects), a $6 asking price is a steal.  And since it is an older game, it can be installed on a less robust system. I look forward to the day when I’ll have the time to delve deeper into Eador: Genesis.

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