Droplitz on WildTangent

MSRP: $9.99

Platforms: Win

Release:  6/25/09

Droplitz is a casual puzzle game in which the goal is to get the droplitz from the pipes at the top to the pipes at the bottom by rotating pieces.  This is similar to most classic pipes puzzles, but with the twist that droplitz can be lost when they crash into each other or when they reach a dead end pipe.


As soon as a top pipe is connected to the grid, the droplitz (tracked by those little white bubbles on the lefthand side of the board) start to flow.  Run out of droplitz and it’s game over.

When a path is made, a bonus purple droplitz is created.  When all bonus droplitz reach the collectors on the bottom, all the pieces that are part of a path disappear, the rest of the pieces slide downward, and new pieces are added.

This is a game I’ve wasted a decent amount of time on for the pittance it cost me – I picked it up for $0.99 on a Steam sale when it was still available for purchase there. However, this game has become hard to find since developer Blitz Games went out of business in September 2013, leaving the rights to many of their products up in the air. It is available on Wild Tangent (and they have a free trial as well), but personally, it isn’t something I would ever spend full retail on.

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