Moving Stories

2016-01-08 17_35_46-Moving Stories

Moving Stories

MSRP: Free.

Platform: Online, Browser-based.

Released: 12/30/14

Moving Stories is a short (very short!) game about what you keep and what you throw away.  You’re given a suitcase, and depending on what you put in there, you discover a story.

2016-01-08 17_28_41-Moving Stories

If it doesn’t go in the suitcase, it goes in the trash. You have five minutes to decide what you want to keep and to make it all fit. Everything else ends up in the bin. Once you’ve packed, you find out what it means.

Take the trash out, and you get another piece of the story.  Once you complete a story, you’re given the option to play again. There might be a new item. There might not.

I’m not sure how many “stories” there are to discover, but I’m sure it’s pretty limited – I’ve packed slightly different things and gotten a very very similar story. I’ve unlocked a couple of new items throughout a handful of playthroughs.

Think of it as interactive flash-fiction. It’s a pretty novel idea, and it’s super low-commitment. Try it.

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