Containment: The Zombie Puzzler


Containment: The Zombie Puzzler on Steam

MSRP: $4.99 / $1.99 (iOS & Android)

Platforms: PC/Mac/Linux/iOS/Android

Released: 12/8/11 (iOS) 3/2/12 (Steam) 1/10/14 (GooglePlay)

There is a glut of zombie games on the market.  Some are great.  Some are awful.  And then there are games like Containment: The Zombie Puzzler. It takes simple puzzle principles and adds zombies.

There’s a campaign mode and a survival mode.  The campaign mode gives you a series of puzzles broken up in acts, and then further broken up into levels. Even still, it’d be a stretch to say the game – at least as insofar as I’ve played it – has a story.


Gameplay is simple. You are given a “board” of zombies and different kinds of people. In order to kill a zombie or group of zombies, you must surround them with the same type of people.  The game counts people above, below, right and left of the zombie, but disregards the folks standing on the corners.

The complexity comes in this – each time you swap two people to surround a group of zombies, there is a chance that a zombie on the board will attack someone nearby and infect them. Take too many moves, and you have too many zombies, and not enough people to eliminate them.


As the game progresses you can get up to three “power-ups” at a time that will help you eliminate zombies or protect the people on the board.

It’s not terribly deep or complex, but it is enjoyable puzzling. I fairly sure I bought it when it was on a deep discount, but even at full price, if you enjoy casual puzzle games, and aren’t put off by zombies, it’s certainly got enough gameplay to merit the cost.

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