SMITE on Steam

MSRP: Free. Ultimate God Pack (all current & future God unlocks) – $29.99.

Platform: Windows / XBox One

Released: 3/25/14 (Win), 8/19/15 (Xbox)

I never ever thought I would be a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) player.  When I played World of Warcraft, I dabbled in PvP, but I’m one of those gamers that tends to prefer my gaming experiences to be either solo or cooperative.

However, once I stopped playing World of Warcraft, I found I was eager to scratch that multiplayer itch & SMITE has been pretty good for that.

One of the things that drew me to it (other than, y’know, people I already knew playing it) was that it has – at least for me – a comfortable difficulty curve.  When you first start playing, the game will pick your items & level up your abilities with no input from you if you want it to.  This enables you to learn the abilities of a chosen god without worrying overmuch about the details.   As you get more comfortable, you can make more involved decisions.  You can choose your own level up order and item purchases before playing in the God Builder and the game will make those decisions automatically while you’re in the game.  When you’re really confident, you can choose to buy your own items and choose your own level up order while playing.

Really, SMITE is as hard or easy as you want to make it.


The game offers practice mode (you & your party only with and against AI), co-op (you & other players against AI), normal (players against players) and leagues (a competitive ranked play only available after player level 30), as well as custom games.

Then, once you decide which player mode you want, you can choose the game mode.  Currently, SMITE has 6 regular game modes for 3-5 players, as well as a rotating Match of the Day.

And if that wasn’t enough choice, SMITE has 71 gods you can play as. Each god has their own set of four abilities and a passive.


When you create your free account, you are given access to five permanently free gods – one of each class – and five gods on a weekly rotation.   Other gods can be bought or rented with favor (an in-game currency earned by playing the game) or bought with gems (a currency that costs real money).  You also have the option to permanently unlock all gods with a one time, real money purchase of the Ultimate God Pack.

My advice for someone considering trying out SMITE is to download the game, play practice and/or co-op arena with the available gods, and see how you like the feel of the game.  If you enjoy it, then you can make the decision whether you are interested in the Ultimate God Pack. If you are considering competitive ranked play, it’s a good investment.  I purchased it in order to play casually, but I also understand the sense of accomplishment that comes from unlocking things as you go.

SMITE works well with Curse Voice, another free program that allows you to use voice communications with your team.

If you want to see how it plays, check out the video below from my clan-mate’s YouTube channel.


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