10,000,000 at EightyEight Games

MSRP: $4.99

Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS

Released: 8/28/12 (iOS)  1/15/13 (Win/Mac)  3/14/13 (Linux/Android)


10,000,000 is, at its core, a match-3 game.  For those of you who are familiar with the Pop Cap casual library, it is a Chuzzle-style match-3, where you slide, not a Bejeweled-style, where you swap.

(I just lost all my gaming cred forever, haven’t I?)

I am a sucker for super-casual games – sometimes I just want to play something for 10 minutes, tops. I can finish dungeon runs in 10,000,000 quicker than I can boot up some games in my library.


There are seven kinds of tiles to match – swords (blue) and staves (red) will damage enemies.  Shields (dark green) will give you some protections from enemy attacks.  Keys (light green) will allow you to open chests and doors – you will not be able to continue until they are open! Backpacks (purple) have a chance to drop a usable item when matched – usable items go into your backpack on the upper left.  Finally there are wood (brown) and stone (gray) tiles that provide the resources you need to upgrade your castle.


Your return to your castle between each dungeon run, and there are six rooms that can be unlocked, and five of those six may be further upgraded.  The only room that cannot be upgraded once it’s opened is the potions room, but potions will unlock as you progress through the levels.

Opening & upgrading rooms will cost you wood and stone.  Perks cost the purple diamond currency – not sure what that is supposed to represent.  Armor, shield and weapon upgrades will cost gold (the yellow currency on the far left).

One thing I missed for way too long in my first play-through is that the button to upgrade the rooms is actually in the interface where you shop; I was expecting it to be on the home screen for some reason.  The other thing that boggled me was how to reset the game to play a second time.


Hitting the gear icon in the upper right hand corner will bring up this menu.  If you click the “Clear All Game Data” button AFTER you score enough to earn your freedom, it’ll ask you if you’re sure, very sure, COMPLETELY FREAKING SURE, and then will give you the option of New Game+. I haven’t really noticed it getting a whole lot harder the second go around, but it’s early yet.


This game has Steam achievements (I’m not sure if it has any on mobile platforms), and Steam trading cards, if those things blow your skirt up.

10,000,000 is actually a pretty damn good game for the amount of commitment it asks of you.  Avoid only if you can’t stand match-3 games in any capacity.

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2 thoughts on “10,000,000

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